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Solving financial problems with a single system


The DataSeers solution has four Seers that companies can use to see through the data, so they can make decisions in a fast and efficient manner. Typically, in the industry, it takes hours to reconcile records, but with ReconSeer, millions of records on various platforms can be reconciled within seconds.

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Changing customer engagement with AI


3LOQ uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze billions of data points and map out dynamic feature recommendations that put a customer on a habit formation path. Following this path ultimately leads to the customer adopting a desired action.

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Using big data to help feed the world


Proagrica is revolutionizing the agriculture industry by providing the most time and cost effective big data solution. Customers are able increase yield and profitability while reducing inputs and improving environmental impact.

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Managing worker safety in real time


GuardHat Inc. manufactures a smart hardhat that has the potential to redefine worker safety. The challenge for the safety control center is to process and analyze vast amounts of incoming data from smart hardhats in near real time so as to prevent injury.

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Real-time Customer Dynamics


Infosys® creates a 360-degree customer view to help leading Chinese appliance manufacturer transition to an internet-centric world.

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Big Data Meets Better E-Learning Opportunities

CPL Online

CPL Online, a Division of CPL Training Group, utilizes big data to track student interaction data, improve its courses and deliver sophisticated reports to clients.

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Solving the Fraud Problem with Big Data Analytics

Fraud Defense Network

Fraud is a prolific problem that impacts nearly every industry sector. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions uses its cross-industry expertise, rich data sources, and advanced analytics to help address fraud.

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Generating hard facts to support decision making

Elsevier SciVal

Elsevier decided to enhance the analytical capabilities of their first generation SciVal solutions to better serve research institutions in generating hard facts to support their decision making.

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Speeding acquisition integration

ChoicePoint Migration

Reed Elsevier (parent company of LexisNexis Risk Soutions) acquired ChoicePoint, Inc. The success of the acquisition relied on the ability of LexisNexis to help ChoicePoint modernize its technology and replace expensive, fragmented and outdated systems that limited its growth potential.

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Uncover Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

For Big Data Processing and Analytics, HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Helps Uncover Opportunities and Pinpoint Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

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Deliver content to 1M+ globally

LexisNexis Global Content Systems

The LexisNexis® Global Content Systems Group provides content to a wide array of market facing delivery systems, including print, CD-ROM, Lexis® for Microsoft® Office, and LEXIS.COM.

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Optimize the marketing mix with Machine Learning

Engauge Pinterest POV

Engauge, a full service digital and social agency, developed a POV to help companies understand the role Pinterest can play, not just in their social mix, but also in their entire marketing program. To get a handle on the opportunities, Engauge needed to sift through the buzz, explore the usage patterns and analyze the data.

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Customer & Academic Testimonials

Integrating Multiple Data Sources

Reed Exhibitions

Versatile, Fast, Forgiving. Tyler shares how he utilized HPCC Systems to integrate multiple data sources together to bring insights and data visualization to his customers in seconds. Tyler touches on support, ease of implementation, analytics, plugins, and the dynamics of the platform.

Creating a Single View of Data

XPert HR

Mathew and Charlotte discuss how they use HPCC Systems to enable data-driven decision making with their HR customers by allowing them to bring all of their people data into a single view. From data ingestion, to data processing, enrichment, linking and querying in a single platform, HPCC Systems allows their developers to spend more time developing features rather than connecting systems.

Integrate Data from Disparate Systems


Proven. Capable. Flexible. Fujio describes how HPCC Systems can help solve customer problems, including utilizing fewer systems which are more flexible and allow them to get to market more quickly. He discusses how the system can enable significant business value by bringing data from disparate systems together faster with tools for ETL, data integration, and business logic integration.

Fast ETL and Data Warehousing


Adwait describes how his platform-as-a-service company utilizes HPCC Systems to provide fast ETL and data warehousing to banks and financial service providers, doing in minutes what previously took days to complete. HPCC Systems is fast and open source, thereby speeding time to market and reducing costs for this startup company.

Fast Iteration & Time to Market

3LOQ Labs

HPCC Systems eats data for breakfast. Anirudh discusses how the Habitual AI platform utilizes HPCC Systems to help customers convert to mobile banking. Anirudh describes how HPCC Systems enables his company to process 10TB of content quickly and how ECL and ease of integration with other platforms enable fast iteration to speed time to market.

Statisticians Streamline Hiring Systems


Hear why Rob Bigini, VP of Operations,discusses his strategic decision to teach data analysts how to leverage HPCC Systems instead of hiring multiple developers and consultants that are typically needed for other Big Data platforms. Hear how Rob was able to streamline his hiring practices with HPCC Systems and quickly ramp up his team.

Easy to Program and Deploy with Amazon Cloud

RNET Technologies

Mohammad Rashti, Project Manager and Research Scientist from RNET Technologies, discusses how he leverages the HPCC Systems platform and ECL programming language in his projects.

Simplicity and Scale For Big Data Analysis


John Andleman, a Silicon Valley technology professional, on why he chose HPCC Systems for his work project and how it compared to other leading Big Data platforms.

Ease of Use with Fast Learning Curve


Nikolaos Vasiloglou, the CEO of Ismion evaluates HPCC Systems and discusses why he chose HPCC Systems for his company. Nikolaos discusses the learning curve of the platform and the ease of use compared to other solutions in the marketplace.

Sorting Thorugh of Petabytes of Data

Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Richard Murphy discusses how Sandia National Laboratories is looking at Cray Systems and HPCC Systems to address the informatics challenge of sorting through petabytes of data to find correlations and generate hypotheses.

Security & Ease of Use Allows Experimentation

Archway Health Advisors

Luke Pezet, Information Engineer, discusses why HPCC Systems was chosen for his company Archway Health Advisors to help solve big data problems in the health care industry. Luc compares HPCC Systems to other platforms and discusses his recommendation for others grappling with Big Data.

Fulfilling the Promise of Scalability and Usability

Exabyte Big Data - Silicon Valley

Fujio Turner, Software Developer and Founder, Exabyte Big Data Meetup - Silicon Valley, talks about his experience with HPCC Systems and why he decided to create a meetup group dedicated to learn more about this platform.

Text and Data Mining Research

Humboldt University

Professor Freytag and PhD Candidate Fabian Fier discuss their research in text and data mining and how they use HPCC Systems to implement and realize complex algorithms in their research as well as how they utilize HPCC Systems in the university setting.

Taking Learning to the Cutting Edge

Kennesaw State University

Dr. Preston describes the collaboration between HPCC Systems and Kennesaw State University, including a High Performance Computing Certificate Program. The collaboration with HPCC Systems allows students to apply their learning to real world problems and taking their learning to the cutting edge of computing and machine learning.

Open Source and Ease of Use

NC State University

Dr. Vince Freeh discusses the benefits of HPCC Systems and of utilizing the open source platform in the university setting. Dr Freeh discusses the ease of installation, the breadth of plug in availability, and the ease of programming with the declarative programming language, ECL.

From Training to Projects in One Day

Clemson University

Dr. Amy Apon, Professor at the School of Computing at Clemson University discusses how Clemson University was able to train students and researchers on HPCC Systems in about a day, so that they could start working with the platform for their projects.

Handle Large Data Sets Efficiently and Easily

Clemson University

Linh Ngo, Staff Data Scientist, shares his experience on using HPCC Systems in his research at Clemson University and how the main components of the platform, including Thor and ECL, help make handling large data sets more efficiently and easily.

Finding Meaning with Machine Learning

Clemson University

Michael Payne, PhD student from Clemson University, talks about using HPCC Systems for machine learning and the ease of use in learning the ECL programming language.

Compelling Data Intensive Student Projects

Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Borko Furht, Professor and Director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center at Florida Atlantic University discusses how they leverage HPCC Systems for their Big Data research.

Ease of ECL for Machine Learning Programming

Florida Atlantic University

Victor Herrera, Graduate Student and Research Assistant at Department of Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, talks about how the ease of use in ECL helps him with developing machine learning algorithms for his work.

Access to Forward Thinking Technology

North Carolina State University

Dr. Vincent W. Freeh, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University talks about how he uses HPCC Systems in his research and programs.

End User Quotes

Hear from the many developers, data scientists and academics that have come to rely on HPCC Systems to solve their big data challenges.

HPCC Systems was the only one that was able to handle that kind of processing, given the limited hardware that we were working with. HPCC Systems and ECL allowed us to really rapidly iterate and perfect a solution."

- Anirudh Shah, Founder, 3LOQ

HPCC Systems is a state-of- the-art, high-performance execution engine which combines the ideas of memory use and programming languages."

- Johann-Christoph Freytag, Humboldt University

I can write 4 lines of ECL to do what would take me 200 lines in SQL. That makes it really easy to read, understand, and maintain as a code base."

- Adwait Joshi, CEO, DataSeers

HPCC Systems provides a single platform that can be used from both data ingestion through to data processing, enrichment linking, and then to querying. HPCC Systems provides an entire platform that is both easy to use but also can scale to huge amounts of data."

- Matt Holmes, XpertHR, RBI

Using the HPCC Systems technology in our classes allows students to take what they’ve learned in their fundamental courses and then apply that in real-world problems."

- Dr. Jon Preston, Kennesaw State University

The ability to use non-traditional programmers to actually execute on the platform really saved us a lot of manpower."

- Rob Bigini, VP of Operations Comrise

As far as the capability of HPCC Systems, it far outweighs anything that is currently out there."

- Fujio Turner, Exabyte Big Data Founder

We did the installation, we imported our data, and we absolutely loved it! We couldn’t believe the performance increases we had."

- David Dasher, Managing Director CPL Online

It is moving us forward in terms of the technologies that we are able to use in the Big Data Systems Lab at Clemson."

- Dr. Amy Apon, Clemson University

The ECL language proved to be very efficient in expressing complex concepts in few lines of code"

- Opera Solutions

We really like working with the HPCC Systems platform. I just like the whole concept of open source. It is very good for our research community."

- Dr. Vincent Freeh, North Carolina State University

ECL is a fun language to learn and use."

- Chris Halverson, University of Virginia

I would recommend that others consider HPCC Systems as an analytical tool for data, especially data that is complex and there is a need to integrate and curate data coming in from multiple sources."

- Linh Ngo, Clemson University

There is a lot to like about HPCC Systems. It is very easy to deploy, so that is huge plus for the users."

- Mohammad Rashti, RNET Technologies

I would highly recommend HPCC Systems because of its simplicity, its scalability, and the fun we actually had using it."

- Luke Pezet, Information Engineer Archway Health Advisors

Data sources, available to us for research, are in various sizes and formats. HPCC Systems has allowed us to integrate multiple sources of data under one platform. Being able to perform our analytics under one unified framework was very helpful."

- Michael Payne, Clemson University

HPCC Systems is exactly designed for big data."

- Dr. Borko Furht, Florida Atlantic University

CPL Online

CPL Online, a Division of CPL Training Group, utilizes big data to track student interaction data, improve its courses and deliver sophisticated reports to clients.

Sandia National Laboratories

“Traditional supercomputing technology allows us to run complex physics applications and visualize detailed simulations. However, these systems are not ideal for the informatics challenge of sorting through petabytes of data to find correlations and generate hypotheses. Our tests show that the Data Analytics Supercomputer (DAS) is a strong platform for helping us address these challenges.” - Dr. Richard Murphy

Healthcare and Medicaid Fraud

For Big Data Processing and Analytics, HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Helps Uncover Opportunities and Pinpoint Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

A LexisNexis customer, the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) of a northeast state, suspected fraud among a group of state Medicaid recipients, all of whom were living in the same high-end condominium complex—and all of whom were on Medicaid.

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Clemson University

Amy Apon, Professor at the School of Computing at Clemson University discuss why Clemson has chosen HPCC Systems to include in their Big Data Systems Lab for students and researchers. Hear how Clemson University was able to train students and researchers on HPCC Systems in about a day, so that they could start working with the platform for their projects.


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