Dynamic ESDL is more dynamic in HPCC Systems 7.0.0

Dynamic ESDL provides the capability to instantiate and manage ESDL Web Services at run time, including publishing an ESDL definition, binding an ESDL Service and configuring the methods of an service. However, prior to HPCC Systems 7.0.0, you still needed to configure a static ESP service on a certain port before binding an ESDL service on that port and it was only possible to bind one service on one port.

This has all changed with the improvements we have implemented in HPCC Systems 7.0.0, which brings the “dynamic” factor to another level. You can now bind to any permissible port available on the box and bind multiple services on the same port without configuring any static service on the port. You can even mingle a static service and a dynamic service of the same name on the same port, creating a “hybrid mode” to help people migrate from static to dynamic services.

Simple demonstration

Nothing is currently listening on port 8009:

Unable to connect

Now let’s bind service EsdlExample to port 8009:

Bind Service ESDL Example

The service is up and running on port 8009:

Service up and running

Let’s bind another service WsTest on the same port 8009:

Bind another service WsTest on the same port

Both services are now running on port 8009:

Both services running

Besides the “Dynamic” aspect, there are other Dynamic ESDL improvements in HPCC Systems 7.0.0:

  • Centralized and more efficient monitoring for changes, sharing and caching of ESDL definition objects etc.
  • Big improvements have been made to the way dynamic ESP services can be added, configured, and removed through ECLWatch.
  • The esdl command line has been made cleaner and easier to use.

Genuinely dynamic ESDL services, along with other ESDL improvements in HPCC Systems 7.0.0,  will change the way ESP services are developed and operated. It will speed up development and deployment cycles and reduce turnaround time.

In response to the changes we have made to improve your Dynamic ESDL experience when using HPCC Systems, the leader of this development project, Anthony Fishbeck, said recently, ESP 2.0 has arrived!

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